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Internship & Volunteers Overview

Gain practical skills leading a project

We provide hands-on experience in non-profit management and strategy. You have the opportunity to gain practical skills in public relations, leadership, marketing, technology, communications, fundraising, finance and among other functions.

The internship has a minimum duration of three months, with an expected contribution of at least 10 hours per week which can be done remotely or in person.

These are possible internship roles you can have with us and more

  1. Administrative Assistant
  2. Data Analytics Intern
  3. Project Management/Event Organizing
  4. Blogger
  5. Webmaster/Website Designer

If you are interested, please reach out to us via whatsapp


    We just cannot do without our volunteers. You can assist Ghanaians and their friends in St. Louis in many ways. Few are outlined below


    1. Spread the word: Share our link with your family and friends and encourage them to register and give to grassroots education causes.
    2. Hold a fundraiser: Plan a fundraiser with friends – every little bit counts! Check out our chapters event calendar for fun ideas
    3. Write a letter: Send one of our students an encouraging letter through our messaging function.
    4. Write a blog post: Draft a blog post related to issues in education philanthropy globally, or your own personal experiences in the field.
    5. Other: Be creative! We’re welcome new ideas to help raise funding and awareness for our projects and students